Here are a few questions we get asked all the time: 

Which kitesurfing lesson course is for me ?

If you just want to see if you like the sport, no problem we suggest the one lesson 1.5 hour intro package with minimal theory to get you in the water having fun!

A 2.5 hour lesson will cover all kite flying control and technique and an introduction to the sport of kitesurfing. 

A 5 hour lesson will cover all of the above with the introduction of the board and riding. 

Anyone who wants to be able to go into a shop and buy equipment to practice with will most likely need 5 hours or more however this is entirely dependent on the individual. After two or three lessons you may just require supervision on your own kit which we are also able to provide. Speak to us following your lessons to discuss how you can progress quickly into a truly independent kiteboarder who is able to safely select a kite spot and go kiteboarding without supervision.

Do I need to have strong arms ?

Absolutely not! In kitesurfing the power from the kite is channelled through to your harness so your arms are completely free for steering, you can even steer the kite using just your pinky fingers! This means kitesurfing helps develop a strong core and tone your abs. 

Where will my lesson be?

We will determine the best location depending on the wind direction on the day. Byron Bay is lucky to have kite spots suitable for virtually all wind directions. This may mean your lesson is on the north east facing beaches north of Belongil, the east facing beaches at Tallows, Ballina river mouth or at Lennox Heads. All spots are incredibly spacious with no crowds, other kite schools or surfers which helps provide a safe and relaxed environment for your first introduction into kitesurfing. 

We also have boat access to a world class flat water spot in the Gold Coast which is perfect for perfecting board work in a spacious and shallow sand-bottomed lagoon. If board work, riding and flat water tricks are what you are looking to progress, speak to us about a lesson in our Gold Coast spot. 

Do you use and rescue power boat for teaching? Yes we do in our Gold Coast spot. 

How long have you been teaching kiteboarding ? 17 years

How many people have you taught ? Over 3000

Are you IKO and KA qualified ? Yes IKO ID 2700 and KA

Do you have a bronze medallion and first aid ? Yes

Can I come and stay with you in Byron Bay whilst I complete my kitesurfing lessons  ? Yes we'd love you to! Have a look at our extensive accommodation options in our Kite Stay Packages. 

Do you teach hydrofoiling ?

Yes! Jason recently spent one month in Mauritius Ponte D'esny training and perfecting the beginners hydrofoil course and bringing it back to Australia. 

 The Gold Coast offers the best Kitesurfing conditions for learning, with flat shallow water and steady wind. We use boat to transport students out to one of the Sand islands in the middle of the river far away from other beach users and Kiters. This allows the student to move freely without the distraction of other people and water craft, and makes the whole learning process quicker and safe. Once you have mastered the basics and are up riding the board for the first time, there are no limitations for space and the boat will follow you and rescue if needed.