Kite Locations


Kitesurfing area at the Pass

  • No power-kites or kitesurfing from Main Beach to Clarkes beach (the Wreck to the track to Captain Cooks Lookout). This is due to normally onshore conditions and crowds.
  • A small kite launch/landing area at Thommos rock ie between the Pass and Clarkes, at the bottom of the steps from Captain Cooks Lookout carpark. For predominant northerlies, this section of beach has side-shore wind and a buffer of beach downwind, and few other beach users on windy days, therefore considered safest area. There are no beach access paths in this area – walk to area from the Pass carpark or Captain Cooks Lookout carpark. Kitesurf out from this section of beach.
  • As per NSW Maritime safety guidelines, keep at least 30m distance off from other people. If crowds make keeping this distance away from others impossible, then it is not suitable to kitesurf and other beaches should be used.
  • Advanced kiters only to use this area. Must be able to stay upwind.
  • No commercial kiting / lessons, either on land or water

Kitesurfing at Tallows

  • No Kitesurfing in swimming areas, ie within 60m of swimming flags.
  • No Power Kites or kitesurfing at Cosy Corner where hang-gliders land – that is, north of the southern-most track to the carpark.

Kitesurfing from South Golden Beach to Byron

  •   No Kitesurfing in swimming areas, ie within 60m of swimming flags.

Kitesurfing Guidelines for Byron Shire Beaches and Waterways

  • Kitesurfers to have $10,000,000 public liability insurance for land and water, eg. AKSA (Australian Kite Surf Association) or IKO membership compulsory. Tag must be displayed on harness.
  • Safety leash must be worn whilst kiting.