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Our 2 days course will cover all the kite flying tuition covered in Lesson One we will add in board work in Kitesurfing Lesson 2!


  • 2 Day Course
  • 2.5 hours per lesson / day
  • 2 students per lesson
  • Prices are per person


Your kitesurfing lesson will cover: 


  • All of the kite flying techniques or practices covered in Lesson One
  • Board intro and the kitesurfing "water start"
  • Board riding - downwind and upwind (We note upwind riding is dependent on skill level)


In our extensive experience most students will require some additional board riding tuition beyond the first 2 lessons. How quick you learn will depend on a number of factors including whether you've done any other board sports before etc. We'd happily chat to you about many lessons you might need to get you up and riding.