Naish Torque ATB 55

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Line Length: 20m + 4m

Who is it for?
Kiteboarders who prefer above the bar depower. 

What’s it do?
Offer great handling of your kite with the convenience of above the bar depower. 

Why is it unique?
The cleat above the bar is adjustable to give more or less throw. 

The Torque ATB 55 is a 4-line control system with an above-the-bar Clamcleat trim that is easily adjustable in height with no tools required. Ideal for a wide variety of freeride, freestyle and wave riding, this bar is equipped with the most advanced trim loop mechanism to date. Engineered for consistent, hassle-free operation, the quick release features a linear release force for easy release and reload regardless of the tension on the line. 


  • Patented Naish Push-away Quick Release Mechanism = Fiberglass-reinforced polymer with stainless steel core & a below-the-bar ball bearing swivel
  • Cleat Holder = Smooth flagging line slide 

  • Impact Resistant Construction (Top of Torque Loop Mechanism) = Increased longevity
  • Pre-stretched TLS 500 Flying Lines = Stiffest front flying lines on the market + even stretch in front & back lines over time 

  • Above-the-Bar Clamcleat® with Height-adjustable Tuning = Employs natural leverage for quick & easy adjustments
  • Torque Loop = Efficient & effortless ball bearing swivel + easiest reloading quick release on the market
  • Bar End Technology - Adjustable Bar Width: 18”–20” (45–51 cm)
  • Double Density EVA Grip with Memory Core = Comfortable & controlled non-slip grip 

  • Replaceable Nylatron Insert
 Stainless Steel Low-V Line Organizer = Easy release & reload 

  • Cored, Stiff Trim Line = Tangle-free design 
  • Heavy-duty Short Kite Leash with Quick Release = Maximum functionality and convenience