Core Union Pro 5 Bindings

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 Core Union Pro 5 Bindings



The new Union Pro will give you a whole new riding experience, board feeling and confidence in your bindings. With innovative changes in stability and adjustable firmness, rest assured that your foot stays exactly where it belongs – no unnecessary movement, just pure support. 

The revised pad with raised rim provides optimal grip and stability on all sides, eliminating unwanted slipping and twisting, for good. Thanks to the firmer body, you’ll control the edge precisely with minimal impulses, giving your feet a noticeable break. We kept the inlay softer - for optimal shock absorption. Plus, the ergonomically shaped pad adapts to every foot shape comfortably as your newly favorite running shoe.  

New is the ExoFlap - a stiffener that is sewn directly into the strap. With a flick of the wrist, you can determine the firmness according to your taste and match the anatomy of the foot. The slightly stiffer strap directs the power ideally into the board.  Thanks to its lighter construction, the overall weight of the Union Pro has been reduced. 

Union Pro, where comfort meets stability in perfect harmony for your feet. 

Size: Medium (standard) or Large