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Next Level Foiling

The Vert foil system takes your session to a new level. With a complete overhaul of five crucial components, we've meticulously engineered a setup that's perfectly coordinated to enhance your experience. Symbolic on top of everything is the new carbon mast. The special design allows not only a thinner profile, but also a taper in depth. Less resistance – more speed!

We’ve introduced three new high-aspect front wings to ensure maximum glide even in the smallest waves and absolute top speed during take-off. The new 220 stabilizer perfectly complements the front wings, resulting in an entire system with a playfully agile character, thanks to its flatter profile.

All Vert products were developed on the basis of the Spectrum fuselage. This allows front wings, masts and stabilizers to be fully combined with the Spectrum series.


Front Wing: 700 - 850 - 1050 sqcm  

Stabilizer: 220 sqcm

Fuselage: 70 cm

Mast: 74 - 82 - 90 cm


Delivery: The Vert foil set is delivered with all necessary accessories (mast, front wing, stabilizer, fuselage, mastbase and screws) as well as the required tools (t-handle tool, screw paste) and can be combined with any US box rail system (90 mm).

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Foil Bag 125
Padded bag for protection and transport of a complete, disassembled wing hydrofoil

Foil Cover Set
Padded bags for protection and transport of each individual wing hydrofoil component

Foil Wingsuit 100
Padded premium cover for protection and transport of an assembled hydrofoil