Naish Hover Surf Ascend 7'0" Carbon S25

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Foil Surfing

The Hover Surf Ascend 7’0’’ Carbon Ultra takes a new, fresh approach to surf foiling. Designed for the foil surfer who wants to paddle into waves with minimal effort, catch waves before they break and fly on the foil with speed and grace.

The long, narrow planform offers incredible paddling comfort and power, making it easy to get out to the lineup and into waves. It also allows riders to keep the board moving quickly through the water so riders can choose the best moment when to pop up and surf the wave.

The beveled rail design carries a lot of glide through every stroke while having enough rail clearance in turns once on the foil. With the all new light-weight Carbon Ultra construction, this board design can carry the extra length needed to provide amazing paddle power of the Hover Surf Ascend 7’0” while having the swing weight of a much shorter board.

The subtle tail kick gives the clearance necessary to pop up on the foil without losing speed in the process. The double-concave V nose entry keeps touchdowns smooth and easy to recover.


  • High Density PVC Foil Track System with (2) 10” US Boxes
  • Concave Deck
  • Beveled Rail Design
  • Carbon Wood Vacuum Sandwich Construction

Hover Surf Ascend 7’0” 65L Carbon Ultra is ideal for riders up to 220 lbs/100 kg