PPC Glide Foil Board

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The ultimate wing-ding / SUP foil board. Nothing has been compromised with our hot off the mould wing / SUP foiling specific boards. This board can also be used for SUP foil, tow / prone foiling. The 4’0 is a great prone foil / tow board behind the boat!

Everything from outline, size/volume ratios have been carefully thought about, giving you the best tool for the job.

We have used aircraft float plane technology on our hulls, giving zero ‘stick’ when the boards touch down off the foil. This design allows the board to lift off the water quicker than any other surface design.

Our boards are available on standard 10.75″ tracks, so huge amounts of adjustability. Our chinook inserts are carefully placed giving you perfect stance set up positions & room for movement giving you absolute freedom to get foil/straps in exactly the right location as EVERYONE’S slightly different.

Wind winging (wing-dinging) is taking the world by storm & we are making sure we give you the perfect platform connecting you to the foil & wing, ensuring ultimate performance.

Its important to note that these boards aren’t only wing specific, they can cross over to SUP / tow (behind boat) or even prone with the smaller sizes. The 4’11 at 58L will be a very good prone board with the option of having footstraps for advanced prone foilers.